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The Church and the Libertarian

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From The Remnant Press

The Church and the Libertarian: A Defense of Catholic Teaching on Man, Economy and State

In the spirit of The Great Façade

A new book by Christopher A. Ferrara



Worried about the state of American politics and the still-tottering economy? In his new book The Church and the Libertarian, Catholic pro-life attorney, popular Remnant columnist, and widely published author Christopher A. Ferrara provides a Catholic answer to the crisis.

Ferrara explores the question: Can one be a faithful Catholic and a "laissez-faire" libertarian? He warns against Catholic acceptance of yet another version of "More Better Liberalism," when it is Liberalism, both political and economic, that has destroyed Christian civilization and brought the entire Western world to the brink of total ruin.

Far more than a tale of woe, however, this book presents a stunningpositive case for Catholic Social Teaching as the one way back to civilizational sanity.  The Church and the Libertarian presentspractical ways of restoring true liberty in present circumstances, including a Catholic vision of  "microeconomic life" in a world veering madly toward both political and economic collectivism, the latter imposed by so-called “free” market entrepreneurs as much as it is by government.