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With a storyline lifted from tomorrow’s headlines, this is more than a novel:
It’s a promise of things to come —
if what’s left of the Christian West doesn’t wake up!

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The Mosque of Notre Dame 

by Elena Chudinova

"Never has a book been more relevant or more timely.
..Taki Theodoracopulos,  publisher of “Takimag.com”

"The Mosque of Notre Dame is an analysis of Islam that is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the threat the West is facing." ... Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture

Originally published in Russian in 2006, this thriller has been translated into French, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish, and Norwegian...

And now the first American edition, published by The Remnant Press

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How to avoid the grim future that is rapidly overtaking us. Is it possible?  In The Mosque of Notre Dame, set in 2048, Muslims from Arabia and middle Europe have taken over the governments of Western Europe and locked down the countries under Sharia Law—minarets, burkas, and all. 

Picture Paris’s l'Arc de Triomphe as the staging ground for the stoning of wine makers. Imagine the Louvre bare and stripped of all of it works of art. And consider the grand cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris converted into a Mosque, complete with his ’n’ hers footbaths. (By the way, the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome has been flattened and turned into a garbage dump.)

How did this nightmare become the reality in the motherland of civilization? A lack of faith and lack of fight left the old lands of Christendom defenseless against massive, calculated immigration into a timid West that has grown too selfish to stand up for itself.  

The Mosque of Notre Dame is a resistance-movement thriller set in a Sharia dystopia. It is at the same time an inspiring tale of surviving the strange situations in which God sometimes puts his people. The world turned its back on Him, and so He allowed the world to carry on without Him. The God-less created their own chastisement--the chastisement that is life without God.  

In Paris, an alliance of Traditionalist Catholics and a small contingent of secularized Frenchmen, blessed with native Gallic cussedness, are the only opposition left in this fast-paced adventure of physical war, culture war, strategy, revenge, sacrifice, love, reconciliation, and the relentless consequences of ideas. Those who will not fight for their faith will lose it, and everything else. But those who fight and forgive, will gain everything.

The book was written by Elena Chudinova, a Russian, who is a Traditionalist Catholic from Moscow. It has enjoyed great success in the “front-line” nations where Islam and the West are colliding. Originally published in Russian in 2006, it has been translated into French, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Turkish, and Norwegian. The first American edition appears finally here in 2015, published by Michael Matt’s The Remnant Press.

A quick Google search reveals that this book has been an underground hit, despite (or because of) liberal governments' efforts to suppress it. But that won't happen this time, and now the US news cycle, with Mr. Trump’s assistance, seems to be deliberately promoting this book.

This book couldn't possibly be more timely! 

The Mosque of Notre Dame fixes  blame for the Muslim takeover right where it belongs: on the failure of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church to evangelize—and in particular, the failure of post-Vatican II Church leaders to assert the Church’s unique claim on the truth. 

Modernism has very real global consequences, and first among these is the universal weakening of Christianity which has led to the fall of the Cross and the rise of the Crescent throughout the whole world-- in this new book but also more and more in reality. 

This is the must-read book of 2015!  Order your copy right now.  

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Early praise for The Mosque of Notre Dame…

Against the background of daily news of marauding Islamist armies, waves of Muslim migrants into Europe, and demographic trends favoring Islamic populations, Elena Chudinova has written a shocking, gripping, and all-too prophetic story of the imposition of Sharia Law in France. While secularist liberal governments in the West fiddle and fall under their own benighted social policies, an alien religion fills the void. But in Chudinova’s visionary work, a Catholic underground led by a heroic priest stages a final and apocalyptic stand. All Christians worth their salt and concerned to forestall the dire consequences of secularism and its injudicious immigration laws must steel themselves by reading The Mosque of Notre Dame.

Rev. Richard A. Munkelt, PhD
Never has a book been more relevant or more timely. Elena Chudinova is the crystal-ball par excellence. Just look around you and see Europe being overrun by so-called refugees, in reality economic migrants who will suck the last breath out of us and then pray to Mecca. As will our grandchildren one day, pray to Mecca, that is. Buy this book before it’s too late.

-       Taki Theodoracopulos, “High Life” columnist at “The Spectator” and publisher of “Takimag.com”

Elena Chudinova has written a powerful book that is both an engrossing thriller and an apocalyptic depiction of a post-Christian Europe ruled by insurgent Islam. This is no fairy tale or allegory but a grimly realistic assessment based on her penetrating knowledge of Islam and her profound understanding of the Muslim character. More than the good read that it unquestionably is, The Mosque of Notre Dame is an analysis of Islam that is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand the threat the West is facing.

-       Thomas Fleming, Writer, historian, former president of the Rockford Institute
and editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture

This page-turner is a warning to the West…a warning to America, especially. Time is running out. The Mosque of Notre Dame might just be the most important novel of the decade. 

-       Michael J. Matt, Editor of The Remnant