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The Remnants: The Final Essays of John Senior (Closeout Sale-Discounted Price)

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“With the presentation of this collection, this potpourri, my father's literary career comes to a close, being completed posthumously. Fittingly, these selections span most of his career, beginning shortly after his conversion in 1960. In addition to his busy teaching schedule my father devoted a considerable amount of time writing articles for The Remnant and giving speeches at their Forums. He had a very close and longstanding friendship with its founder Mr. Walter Matt (+RIP) and his son Michael. He was his staunch supporter and ally in the war for the restoration of tradition. The final two chapters are the result of an interview and correspondence with Mr. Philippe Maxence, Editor in Chief of L'Homme Nouveau in France, in the last year of my father's life. One of the most beautiful things which Fr. Ramon Angles said about my father at his funeral, is that he is still speaking to us through his writings. In this final volume he speaks once more, and for the last time. Qui aures habet auriendi audiat. 

… Andrew Senior